NEW DELHI | MARCH 7-8, 2017
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Tuesday March 7

08:00 – 09:00


09:00 – 09:10

Welcome Address

09:10 – 09:20

Opening Address: The Future of Medical Travel

The Medical Tourism Industry has changed and advanced significantly in the past 10 years.  Mr. Edelheit will examine how and why it has evolved and how the industry will continue to grow including:

• How the medical tourism buyer has changed and evolved and where will that evolution continue to lead
• How technology will disrupt medical tourism
• Understanding the continually changing competitive landscape from the hospital perspective.
• A glance into the future of the looking glass of Medical Tourism 3.0

Jonathan Edelheit, CEO, Medical Tourism Association

09:20 – 09:30

Keynote Address

09:30 – 09:45

Chief Guest Address:

Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Minister of State for Tourism (Independent Charge), Culture (Independent Charge) and Civil Aviation & Chairman of Medical & Wellness Tourism Board, Government of India

09:45 – 10:30

Positioning your International Patient Program to Succeed

As increasing numbers of patients seek offshore options for medical care, more and more hospitals around the globe are jumping on the medical travel wagon to tap into this lucrative market. Unfortunately, many do so without a thorough understanding of the needs of this market or a long term business strategy. In this informative session you will learn the right approach to building an effective and sustainable international patient program including: the key areas you need to focus on in order to deliver a consistently outstanding international patient experience, leveraging clinical pathways, implementing benchmarks and best practices, and ultimately how to achieve a competitive edge in your market.

Speaker :

Karen Timmons, CEO, Global Healthcare Accreditation® GHA Program

10:30 – 11:15

Fireside Chat: India’s Medical Travel Sector – Trends, Opportunities and Challenges

The presence of world-class hospitals, skilled medical professionals and low treatment costs have strengthened India’s position as a preferred destination for medical tourism. These advantages have helped to position India as the 5th ranked medical travel destination in the world, attracting hundreds of thousands of medical travelers for a wide range of medical procedures and treatments. New government incentives and policy support is expected to further strengthen the industry. Yet some challenges remain to ensure medical tourism’s long-term sustainable growth. These include: inequalities in the medical services provided by government and private hospitals, brain drain from government sector to private sector, and lack of insurance coverage.
In this session, you will learn:
• What is driving the growth of medical travel in India
• What are India’s competitive advantages as a medical travel destination
• Current challenges that still need to be addressed
• Practical insights from India’s medical tourism experience that can be applied to your destination

Moderator :

Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani, CEO, Forerunners Healthcare


  2.  Pronab Sarkar,  President, Indian Association of Tour Operators
  3. Dr. Prem Jagyasi, MD & CEO, Dr Prem and Associates

11:15 – 11:45

Exhibition visit & Networking Tea Break

11:45 – 12:30

Fireside Chat: Direct Contracting with Employers

To many, the U.S. healthcare system in its current state is underperforming, expensive and wasteful. Healthcare costs continue to rise, making it increasingly difficult for employers to keep health insurance premiums from financially squeezing their business, while also providing a robust benefits package for employees. Medical tourism allows for greater transparency of price, quality and lower cost to those employers who self-fund their health insurance offerings. Companies of all sizes that choose to self-fund can stay ahead of the curve by presenting those who craft benefit design plans a way to achieve employee retention goals, but with far more financial control and flexibility.

In this session, you will learn:
• What is self-funding
• How U.S. self-funded employers can benefit from medical travel
• What to look for in a medical travel destination
• How to implement a medical travel benefit


Jonathan Edelheit, CEO, Medical Tourism Association


  1. Ted Herring, President, University Insurance Agency, USA
  2. Tom McDonald, Business Development Executive, Willis Towers Watson, USA

12:30 – 13:00

Using Medical Tourism Technology to Power your Healthcare Business

Technology’s is changing nearly every industry, and medical travel is no exception. This session will show you how technology can transform and improve the patient experience and increase revenue and patient conversions


Anuja Agrawal, CEO, Health Flights Solutions 

13:00 – 14:30

Networking Lunch & Exhibit Hall Visit

14:30 – 15:15

Fireside Chat: The Future of Healthcare and Insurance in the GCC region

The biggest opportunities in medical travel come from large volume patient referrals. This session will examine what role international insurance companies and multinational employers play in medical travel. The privatization of healthcare in some countries will open up new business opportunities for players in the healthcare industry especially for insurance companies, investors, international healthcare institutions as well as for research and training in the field.

How will this change affect Medical Travel in the GCC? What will the healthcare industry look like in 2030?


Abdallah Al-Hindawi, Consult, Global Healthcare Travel


  1. Khaled Al Garzae, CEO, MAAN Group
  2. Kamal Deep Chhabra, President – Life Bancassurance & Personal Lines, Union Insurance Company

15:15 – 16:00

Fireside Chat: Medical Travel from Africa

Access is still the greatest challenge to health care delivery in Africa. Fewer than 50% of Africans have access to modern health facilities and there is a severe lack of trained health care professionals. Those with means often travel abroad for medical care – with hospitals in India being one of the chief beneficiaries of this trend. In this casual ‘fireside chat’ setting, healthcare experts from Africa and India will discuss the challenges of healthcare in the region and developing a win-win situation for both patients and providers, the importance of technical partnerships with service providers as well as the crucial training of local hospitals. Focus will be on strategic public investments to develop healthcare infrastructure, sustainability, international insurance and sending patients internationally for healthcare.


Anas Abdul Wajid, Director Sales and Marketing, Max Healthcare


  1. Dr. Adedayo Osholowu, Director, Iheoo Healthcare Advisory, Nigeria
  2. Jeanine Bowen,  COO, Euracare Multi-Specialist Hospital, Nigeria 
  3. Mooketsi Tekere, Chairman, Medical Tourism Botswana
16:00 – 16:45

Networking Tea Break

16:45 – 17:30

Keynote Address: Advanced Medical Travel Marketing

In this session, you will learn:

  • The changing tides of the medical tourism marketplace
  • How to access global buyers, manage them and retain their interest
  • Using technology to streamline your offering, improve conversion and increase utilization


Jonathan Edelheit, CEO, Medcial Tourism Association 

17:30 – 18:15

Are Stem Cells the Medical Cure-All of the Future?

For years, we have heard about discoveries and the promise of stem cells and the effect they can have on humans. Will the next generation think about diseases like Alzheimer’s and diabetes the way we think about polio?  We might not be there yet, but learn from our experts what is possible in this field today and might be reality in the future.


Mr. B N Manohar, Managing Director,  Stempeutics


  1. Dr. H.S. Chhabra, Chief of Spine Service & Medical Director, Indian Spinal Injuries Centre
  2. Dr. Prathibha Shetty, Principal Scientist,  Reliance Lifesciences
  3.  Dr Geeta Jotwani, Deputy Director General, Indian Council of Medical Research

9:45 – 18:30

B2B Meetings

18:30 – 19:30

Opening Reception in Exhibit Hall

Wednesday March 8

08:00 – 09:00

Registration & Morning tea

09:00 – 09:10

Opening Address: The Future of Accreditation of Medical Travel

Karen Timmons, CEO, Global Healthcare Accreditation Programs

During the past fifty years, the globe has witnessed the growth of national and international health care accreditation bodies focused on hospitals and specialty areas.  A keen desire to improve the quality of these services and to introduce state of the art practice is the underpinning of these programs. Yet, implementation and benchmarking of patient experience programs is only at the cusp of becoming a global phenomenon. With medical travel evolving toward a more mature state as an industry, accreditation has a critical role in validating medical travel programs and facilitating best practice. This session will review the hot disputed aspects of medical travel, a deep dive into the value of accreditation for Medical Travel Programs, and an overview of the Global Healthcare Accreditation Program, which focuses on the integration of medical, hospitality and patient engagement through the Medical Travel Care Continuum.

9:20 – 9:30

Welcome Address:

Jagat Prakash Nadda, Union Minister, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

9:30 – 10:15

The Future of Telemedicine and Health

With more information readily available through a spectrum of online tools, the patients’ decision process has changed significantly. Learn about the trends, innovations, developments and opportunities in the Mhealth industry and how Telemedicine and Second Opinions can drive Medical Travel. Hear about best practices when it comes to managing medical records, identifying industry gaps and solving regulatory challenges.


  1. Sameer Sawarkar, Co-founder, Neurosynaptics


  1. Sharif Fakhr, VP Business Development,
  2. Mr. B S Bedi, COO, Telemedicine Society of India
  3. Dr. Ruchi Dass, CEO & Director, Health Cursor
  4. Saurabh Arora, CEO, Lybrate
9:30 – 10:15

VIP Buyer Forum

Calling all buyers of healthcare! Join in this interactive and session open discussion and take a deep dive into the trends, innovations and developments in the medical travel industry and map out the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. Together we will identify gaps that need to be addressed in different regions and with combined experience identify how this can be turned into business opportunities.


  1. Jonathan Edelheit, CEO, Medical Tourism Association
  2. Anuja Agrawal, CEO, Health Flights Solutions

10:15 – 11:00

Fireside Chat: Governmental Partnership in Medical Travel

Medical Travel is a crucial part of the healthcare provided by governments across Asia, Africa and the Middle East, who send out thousands of patients for treatment abroad every year. Building strong relationships between destination healthcare providers, governments and insurance companies is vital to ensuring a smooth and efficient process for traveling patients. Our panelists will highlight their experiences in the field and discuss challenges and solutions to existing issues in creating government partnerships. Learn what is on their wish list and how you can help.


Dr. B.K. Rana,  CEO , National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH)


  1. Olawale Sanbe, Assistant Chief Tourism Officer/Consultant at Lagos State Ministry of Tourism and Inter-Governmental Relations
  2. Thabsile Dlamini, Administrator, Ministry of Health, Swaziland
  3. Jai Verma, Managing Director & Global Head of B2G, Cigna International, UAE
  4. Y.Bhg. Datuk Dr. Jeyaindran Tan Sri Sinnadurai, Deputy Director-General of Health, Govt. of Malaysia

11:00 – 11:30

Exhibition visit & Networking Tea Break

11:30 – 12:15

Fireside Chat: Middle East Medical Travel

This interactive panel session will highlight the challenges, trends and developments in the Medical Travel industry in the Middle East. Join medical travel professionals as they discuss how to keep fair and transparent prices for clients, innovative approaches to providing clients with best treatment, how to integrate technology such as telemedicine and second opinion options into your services solutions. Solving problems such as regulations and visa issues that players in the market are facing today will also be a focus of discussion.


Abdallah Al-Hindawi, Consult, Global Healthcare Travel


  1. Inder Pahal, Global Director, Kaplan Medical
  2. Hany Onsy, MT Mgr, Kuwait Royal Med. Service
  3. Sayed Mohammed Aslam, Business Development Manager Medicare Tourism, TravelPoint
  4. Vinod Y. R., Chief Business Development Officer, Aster Medcity

12:15 – 13:00

Fireside Chat: Medical Travel Opportunities for International Insurance Companies

With representatives from the Middle East and Asia, this session will examine best practices for offering medical travel within international insurance plans, scrutinizing what works, what doesn’t and how to identify the opportunities in collaborating with employers.


Vishal Nagda,  General Manager, HR Professionals Group


  1. Dr. Ahmad Shahrman, General Manager, Euro Assist, Egypt 
  2. Nada Fayyad, CEO, Besure Medical & Health Performance Services, UAE
  3. Mr. Tarek Hayel Saeed, GM and MD, United Insurance Yemen
  4. Malti Jaswal, COO, Health Insurance TPA of India Ltd

13:00 – 14:30

Networking Lunch

14:00 – 14:30

Certified Medical Tourism Professional Introduction: Learning How To Get Certified

An introduction to the Medical Tourism Association’s Certified Medical Tourism Professional (CMTP) course. Learn what it is, key learning objectives, how it will benefit you and your organization and when and where to get certified.


Bill Cook, Director of Business Development Asia Pacific Region Developer, Surveyor, Trainer Global Education Programs, Medical Tourism Association

14:30 – 16:00

End Game Consensus: The Big Issues

Patients have traveled since ancient times, seeking cures and better quality care. During this century, propelled by digitalized communications, more ease of travel, growing middle classes, and more payer options to fund medical travel, the industry has evolved and matured. Yet there remain clear challenges-respecting the definition of medical tourism or medical travel, gaps in insurance coverage for complications or medical liability, priorities for measurement and research, to name a few. This panel will review the major challenges and suggest clarifications and mitigating strategies from diverse perspectives.
The audience will be engaged in developing consensus on the issues, and we anticipate a lively and engaged discussion.

Moderator: Karen Timmons, CEO, Global Healthcare Accreditation Programs (GHA)


  1. Sherene Azura Azli, CEO, Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council
  2. Cindy Urbancic, Senior Director, Global Patient Services Cleveland Clinic
  3. Anupam Sibal, M.D., Group Medical Director-Apollo Hospital System
  4. Rohit Kapoor, Senior Director & Chief Transformation Officer, Max Healthcare

16:30 – 18:30

Exhibit Hall

9:45 – 18:30

B2B Meetings

19:00 onwards

VIP afterparty and networking dinner – Closing remarks…

Thursday March 9

08:00 – 09:00

Registration & Morning tea

9:00 – 16:00

Hospital Site Visits

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