Arla Ramsey

January 18, 2017

Arla Ramsey currently serves the Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe, a federally recognized Native American tribe, as its Vice-Chairperson and Tribal Administrator.  As Tribal Administrator she oversees of the day-to-day operations of the Tribe, which includes a self-funded health insurance plan.  Additionally, she is Chief Executive Officer of Blue Lake Casino & Hotel.


She has been instrumental in supporting international medical travel as a quality improvement and cost reduction strategy. She was the first insured member of the self-funded, Blue Lake Rancheria Health Plan to receive dental and medical care in Costa Rica and Peru, respectfully. She also accompanied an insured member who received medical treatment in France. In addition, she has toured medical facilities in Korea, Thailand, Colombia, and China. She has the final approval to any changes with the Blue Lake Rancheria Health Plan. Based on her first-hand international medical travel experience, has provided valuable input to improve the educational outreach to insured members and their families of the optional medical travel benefit offered by the self-funded plan. To date, plan members have received medical care in Peru, Costa Rica, Grand Cayman, France, and Spain.