Dr. Gulzhan Chimbayeva

December 15, 2016

Chief, International Relations Department

Medical Centre Hospital of the President’s affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Dr. Chimbayeva is an obstetrician-gynecologist, PhD, who started advise the patients from Pakistan and India to travel to MCH in Kazakhstan 14 years ago during her service for two years with the United Nations in Eritrea/Ethiopia. After her return home she worked as a Director of the city Maternity Hospital.

Since 2009, Dr. Chimbayeva ran the international cooperation and treatment abroad for the governmental officials. During the last five years, she referred nearly 150 patients to the partner clinics in Europe, USA, Asia.  Dr. Chimbayeva was responsible to select medical institutions on the basis of quality and price.

Today, Dr. Chimbayeva sends most patients to priority destinations including:  Germany, Russia and South Korea.  However, she is looking forward to developing strong relationships with more hospitals all over the world; not only in the medical care area, but also in hospital management and educational programs.

Dr. Chimbayeva believes the WMTC as a wonderful event, which will help her to achieve her goals.  She participated in 2014, received her CMTP certificate, and brought some patients to my Hospital from USA.  At the coming 2016 Congress, she expects to meet with the top healthcare providers around the world, network with them and start the mutual medical tourism activity.

Presidential Hospital is a modern center of medical technologies, which has received wide recognition in Kazakhstan and far beyond. It is a leading healthcare service provider in Central Asia. Being a tertiary care facility, Hospital integrates all types of diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation, different check-up programs and offers patients a comfortable ambience.

Presidential Hospital has 200 beds, treats over 500,000 outpatients, 6,550 inpatients and performs over 4,200 surgical operations each year. Hospital possesses the most up-to-date medical equipment and informational systems. It has JCI and National accreditations and is certified with ISO 9001:2008. 35 medical departments render advanced assistance in all areas, such as nuclear medicine, cardio surgery, interventional cardiology, dialysis, pressure chamber and hydropathic, expect maternity and pediatrics. There are eight operating rooms and the only one in Kazakhstan hybrid theater, all of them supplied with modern endoscopy technique.