Sayed Mohammed Aslam

February 24, 2017

Mr. Sayed Mohammed Aslam is a Science Graduate, from Barkatullah University Bhopal.

He worked as Hospital Administrator at the Ministry of Health since 1976 -1982 introduced Card Registration system at hospitals and worked at the Directorate of Treatment Abroad Office Ministry of Health since 1982 – 2010 as an International Patients Coordinator handling all medical records of patients, referrals, airline bookings, visa assistance and meet and great services. 60-80 patients per month. 

Since May 2010 working at the Travel Point LLC one of the largest travel agency in Oman taking care of the Medicare Tourism department as Medicare Tourism Manager.  We refer patients around the world about one patient a day. 

Travel Point handles the most serious cases, from infants to adults. All arrangements are made from opinions, appointments, visas, airline bookings normal, to wheelchair, to stretchers as well as Air Ambulance. 

Besides referring patients we assist and organize CMEs for our partner hospitals, bridge relationship for exchange of expertise  for Consultant from abroad with existing hospital in Oman. 

Assist and guide those hospitals abroad who are interested in starting Clinics or Hospitals in Oman

Introducing New hospitals to Ministries, government and private hospitals. 

Giving lectures on life style and stress management. 

Guiding hospitals how to introduce their services requirements and needs of the patients  in the GCC.