Vishal Laroia

February 20, 2017

Vishal Laroia is a healthcare industry veteran currently leading Global Healthcare and Medical Services as the founder and CEO. Mr. Laroia is a seasoned healthcare executive with 10+ years of combined healthcare leadership experience with special expertise in the areas of hospital management projects, medical travel and new venture analysis. He is an MBA graduate with specialization in marketing & IT.


Vishal Laroia has spent many years touring an array of medical facilities in different countries and has been a keynote speaker at several medical conferences worldwide. He has worked with some of India’s best healthcare company’s where he has piloted number of winning projects.

Started the own venture two years back after approximately three years working with a leading hospital in India and Nine years working with a facilitation company (one of the largest corporate house in India).

Main aim to start own venture was to expand along with technology and give clients more than just a Medical Tourism as a product.

Along with Medical Tourism as a product we offered clients a comprehensive packages. We introduced “Global e-clinic” where we targeted three different clients

–  Person who is willing to travel to India for treatment but wish to talk to doctor (one2one) Online.

–  Person who have no plans to visit a country for treatment, but wish to have a 2nd opinionated continue treatment locally.

– Patients who have already got the treatment in different country, can follow up with treating doctor after going back to their home country.

We are currently working as inbound operator, to bring patients to India for medical tourism, but we are keen to promote Europe, USA and UAE as a destination for our high end clients.

Also destination like Thailand, Malaysia and China would be next big destination we would like to have an association for promotion of healthcare services for our major markets i.e. Africa, Middle East and CIS countries.

A believer and a “go-getter”, Vishal trusts in the power of formation & hard work. He lives by, George Bernard Shaw’s quote, “life is not about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself.”