Dr Prem Jagyasi

February 23, 2017

A globally acclaimed, award winning strategic leader and speaker, Dr Prem Jagyasi is world renowned medical tourism consultant. He has authored Medical Tourism Guidebook and Wellness Tourism Guidebook. He has also delivered numerous keynote speeches and focused corporate workshops in 45+ countries.

Currently he is MD & CEO of Dr Prem and Associates, More than 150 international organizations have benefited from his expertise through conferences, expert training, online marketing, consultancy and brand management services in Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism.

Dr Prem Jagyasi has strongly established himself as a highly successful entrepreneur who has a perceivable and very strong presence across several domains. Dr Prem also owns and leads a web network, web services and technology consulting business that perfectly complements his skills and offers an outlook to our internet savvy interconnected society.

As a social media influencer, Dr Prem has a following of over half-a-million people on social media channels. The staggering figures stand as a testimony to the influence that Dr Prem wields on the social media circuit. Currently. Thanks to his thoughtful utilization of impressive public speaking techniques and years of global exposure, Dr Prem unfailingly touches the minds and hearts of his audience every time. Read more about Dr Prem at