January 3, 2017

Jonathan Edelheit is Chief Executive Officer of the, the Medical Tourism Association and Principal of Global Healthcare Resources.   Mr. Edelheit is one of the biggest influencers in the world with insurance companies, employers, buyers of healthcare and hospitals and his network touches over 2.1 million executives around the world.  Mr. Edelheit was the first person in the United States to implement medical tourism into self funded and fully insured health plans.  Mr. Edelheit now specializes in helping buyers around the world implement medical travel solutions to streamline and scale their business.


Mr. Edelheit is the Editor-in-Chief of the leading US healthcare and insurance publications, Healthcare Reform Magazine, Corporate Wellness Magazine, Self Funding Magazine and Voluntary Benefits Magazine. He serves as a Board of Director on the Global Benefits Association, Corporate Health & Wellness Association, Self Funding Employer Association and Voluntary Benefits Association.

Mr. Edelheit Graduated from Villanova Law School. He has published several books in Medical Tourism and US Healthcare. He advises many large employers and insurance companies on strategy and best practices. He also serves as a Strategic Investor to companies providing innovation in healthcare solutions.